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"In this short but mighty book, Faith Ruto shares stories from her own life to inspire you to overcome your fears and - in her words - take massive action. You can read "Transform Within" in one sitting - and you'll want to! You'll get bite-sized, actionable chunks to help you to discover what is stopping you and get clear on what you want in your career and your life. At the end of each section, in true coach style, Faith asks incisive questions to help you to dive deep into the wise part of your brain that already has the answers you're searching for. Grab your pen and paper and get ready to transform your career!"

Amanda Alexander PCC, Multi Award-Winning Leadership Development Coach

Faith Ruto (MBA, BSc) is a working mum who founded Transformation21st, an innovative personal change consultancy based in London. Faith provides bespoke coaching and speaking services to individuals, leaders, corporate clients and entrepreneurs.

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Transform Within E-Book

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