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TRANSFORMATION21st is the go to company delivering tailored made solutions in Transition coaching, Motivational speaker and Change Consulting to help professionals and businesses thrive during a time of change.
Gloria Ruto
Burnt Out
Transition Coaching - One to One professional coaching:
"I am feeling very stressed and burnt out with organisational changes and work pressure, can you help me? YES
"Due to restructuring, I need a career coach to figure out what role to do next, can you help me? YES
"I don't have time to have a life outside work, can you help me find a balance/fullfillment? YES
"I am terrified of speaking in public, can you help me overcome my fears? YES
"I have lost my self confidence, can you help me regain it? Yes
"I want to thrive instead of just surviving every change wave, can you help me build resilience? YES
Innovation Consulting: For Leaders and Small Business owners
"Our staff want an inspiring and engaging meeting on how to thrive during a time of change, can you help us? YES
"We want to retain our diverse talent (gender and BAME) can you help us deliver an inspiring workshop or design a bespoke programme such as a maternity coaching, BAME coaching? YES
"I run a small business and need personal development support (increase confidence, imporve public speaking) and how to grow my business strategy
Motivational Speaker: Corporate speaker for small to large events
"Our staff morale is so low, following ongoing changes, can you help us deliver an engaging workshop to improve performance and morale?" YES
"We are introducing changes (People, Process and systems), can you help us manage the staff engagement to reduce resistance to change?" YES
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