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3 little questions to #motivate you TODAY


Sometimes we feel stuck in a situation or we feel scared of trying new things. In the past, these 3 questions have really helped me to take that first scary step forward.

1) What is the worse that can happen? If you like to weigh up the pros and cons of a decision, this is a good question to ask yourself.

2) Will I have any regrets if I don't do this? This question will force you to examine how much you really want to do something.

3) What difference will my action make? Sometimes just by focusing on the bigger picture and impact, you can find the strength to endure the challenges.

I have used this 3 questions when I have been faced with big and small challenges, such as whether to give up a half marathon race or whether to go for a certain contract.

My clients have tried it and they have be surprised at how motivating and powerful these 3 questions are. Try it and let me know by comment below...

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