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Discover top three qualities for overcoming adversities

Faith and Grandma Consy last picture taken together in 2008, Uganda

Once upon a time, there was a little girl from a small village in northern Uganda. She did not have many material possessions and grew up with much of hardship and poverty.

She grew up separated from her parents because of wars and great instabilities. Nevertheless, she had a loving grandma "Mama" who instilled in her faith, courage and vision to believe that anything was possible. Her faith centred in God and the power of positive thinking.

During her life in Africa and UK, she held self-determination and a dream of graduating and travelling the world. In 2002, in England, her goals became a reality when she obtained a degree in Business and Information Technology. Shortly after graduating, she successfully beat over 2000 job applicants and became one of the youngest black, female and tech consultants in a top global oil and gas company!

Like every girl, this ambitious young woman dreamt of having it all. She got married to her dark, tall, handsome and well-educated husband, bought a house and had two children. All at the same time while she studied and completed an executive MBA. Like all the big companies, change and restructuring were inevitable, threaten with possible redundancies twice, juggling parenthood and just about surviving.


Confronted with two difficult choices - to live in FEAR or to live by FAITH! This option prompted a personal transformation which led to a name change, Gloria reverted to use her middle name FAITH and found her life purpose!

  • To empower people who have recently gone through a change to thrive with resilience and confidence!

  • To inspire and motivate others to take more risks, to be innovators and disruptors.

  • To leave a legacy that grandma "Mama Consy" and family can be proud of!

Faith has experienced and overcame many personal and professional life adversities. Her passion is to help you regain your confidence, overcome your difficulties and to live a fulfilled personal and professional life!

Faith believes that one of the most significant career obstacles in the 21st century isn't our gender, race or machines (AI or Robots). No! It is our self-limiting beliefs and fear of failure!


Faith Ruto working remotely to serve clients globally

Faith Ruto wrote this story to inspire more people to have courage, faith and vision! Forever grateful to our inspirational grandma, mama!

This is Faith's personal story, a village girl raised by a loving grandma, who became an International Speaker, Empowering Coach and an Ambassador for Education (Women of the Future Awards Ambassador), Women Mentor (Cherie Blair Foundation for Women) and Health (The Eve Appeal Public Speaker).


Faith's story continues, you are now a part of it, continue to support us here, on social media, become a client, recommend us to your connections and do share our content.

Transforming one person at a time!

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