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Get ready to innovate your business in 2017

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I hear you

Over the last few years I have met and listened to many small business owners who are feeling a little frustrated at the slow growth opportunities in their chosen market.

I have heard many complained of lack of self confidence "I don't like selling"

I have also heard how lonely it can be running a small business. I know first hand.

Others have told me "I hate public speaking...I can't stand networking"

Failure to understand the market, competition and the reason why you exist as a business can be fatal.


To be successful, small business owners need to be adaptable to change, willing to speak in public, have the ability to network and build relationships and lastly not be afraid to fail and learn to operate in uncertain business environment.

I am using my MBA skills and many years of consulting and coaching experiences to provide one to one and group consultancy to small and medium sized businesses around Hampshire, Surrey, London and Berkshire UK.

There are no fees to join, we are hosting a regular networking events, but instead of discussing the challenges, together we are going to support you to find a solution.

Each event, we will have a theme (most challenges faced by you) and an interactive session.

We are holding our 1st Strategy and Networking session on Thursday 15th December at Worting House, Basingstoke, UK *lunch included

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